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Good News: Now You Can Find MeetsMeta’s NFT Passports on OpenSea in 2022

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MeetsMeta has stamped visas in classifications going from fundamental to selective and sent off another kind of grant program where holders of the NFT can pick a player they need to support. The floor cost of identification NFT is 0.09 ETH for the essential classification and 1.15 ETH for the elite class. It tends to be bought on OpenSea.

To grant grants, MeetsMeta has teamed up with Play to Earn Online, wherein it will remunerate one free NFT to a fortunate victor. An individual can guarantee a NFT for nothing by buying into the YouTube feed of Play to Earn Online and remarking on a video.


It is encouraged to explain that the remark in a section to the challenge is live till June 10, 2022. An observer who wins will receive a message straightforwardly from the brand in the case.

MeetsMeta Scholarship is an inside entrance that empowers the holder of NFTs to produce recurring, automated revenue. They can sign in to the traditions region and pick a researcher they wish to support. The undertaking gets more straightforward with the help of MeetaMetaBuff.

It would give information connected with a player’s exhibition in the game. For instance, it would show the kill pace of a player in Counter-Strike. Players can search for ways of working on their positioning on the score to upgrade further their possibilities getting a grant.

Named an inventive interpretation of grant, MeetsMeta Scholarship is totally upheld by investigation and hearty innovation. The people who pass up the possibility getting the free NFT can watch out for the following public deal that is planned to go live on June 21, 2022, for 48 hours. MeetsMeta is what Metaverse will be before very long.


NFTs and Metaverse have encountered a street in the works. While others are considering what else can be, MeetsMeta has started to lead the pack by contracting its Metaverse on top of the NFT universes.

It includes a selective pass that gives players admittance to games, collectibles, advanced products, and land. One can undoubtedly contrast it and Minecraft in light of its virtual framework and tasks.

The thing that matters is that players don’t need to sit tight for a wild guide to show up, and they are allowed to investigate and encounter every one of the elements of the games.

The group’s improvement to keep players dynamic on the planet incorporates building carnivals and agreeable areas. A sum of 12 games are accessible for players to appreciate, and these incorporate spleef, parkour, TNT run, and a CS-GO clone, among others.

Five NFT universes fall under the brand with an arrangement to buy the following 50 before long. There is seldom uncertainty about a game’s prosperity. The group is excited about making it something incredible for everybody following the NFT $WRLD losing its worth.

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