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A Launchpad that will give you the right Step in the Crypto World: BOOSTX & STEPN (GMT)

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In today’s market, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies that are either still in their presale phase, or have not been launched yet and have many different interesting features. They all have a lot to offer and want to reassure their users that investing would be the right choice. In this article, we will be looking at two cryptocurrencies that offer great services and features, BoostX and STEPN (GMT).

A launchpad you’d like to join, BoostX 

BoostX is a premium launchpad technology created with unique features designed to boost your projects into the stratosphere; with live order books, dynamic pricing and so much more. As launchpads are on the rise and are becoming more prominent in recent years, they are one of the most effective ways to make money in the crypto world. As it allows investors to invest in brand new projects that have been listed in the market. 

Enabling its users to engage and participate in DeFi projects that operate with multichain technologies, is one of its most crucial selling points for BoostX as a lot of other launchpads are blockchain specific. If you like to play it safe, BoostX offers you the chance to invest your money safely, it also allows you to explore its various features. Some of these unique features are; curated tokens, exclusive and unique presales, dynamic dashboards, and blue-ribbon projects. This plethora of different features is a fantastic way to explore start-up ventures to invest in. 

BoostX has previously been compared to Binance launchpad because both of them share certain similarities, one of their similarities being that they offer very informative services for its users to exploit. Binance offers tokens to its users and has been around for much longer than BoostX. Nevertheless, the Binance launchpad does a lot more than just offer tokens to its users, it also presents its users with educational services that provide users with insight. This is so that the user focuses more on the development of their projects, which is very similar to what BoostX offers its users.  

Get steps in with STEPN (GMT)

If you love to exercise and want to earn money whilst doing so, why not take a look at STEPN. STEPN is a WEB 3.0 lifestyle app, it is built around the concept of daily activities, one may accomplish throughout the day. GMT is the first-ever project to successfully bring to life a functioning move and earn concept. The way that this concept works is that STEPN users gear up themselves with NFTs in the form of trainers/sneakers by jogging, running, or even taking their dog out for a light walk. Users will then be allowed to earn game currency, which in turn can be utilised in-game or cashed out for profit. 


To round up, one big contributing factor to what BoostX has to give its users is their diversity, as they want to play a part in the success of your projects through the multiple features and services they have to offer. Already on the rise in the crypto universe, it is off to a good start and is not showing signs of stopping now.  


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