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What is a Launchpad? And Why Are BoostX and FireStarter (FLAME) Ones to Look Out For?

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Presale is one of the most important phases in an up-and-coming cryptocurrencies life. 

These events, which usually are performed in several phases over a period of time, give investors and interested users a pivotal opportunity to get involved in a project early, with the chance of incredible returns in the future.

Presales are essential for building interest around a project, creating exclusivity for early buyers that can be used to increase the perceived value of the remaining tokens set to go on general sale in the future. 

However, launching a presale that can guarantee buyer satisfaction whilst also bringing in the early financing critical for new crypto projects is challenging. There are many moving parts necessary for a launch to be successful, both on a technical and marketing level. 

Launchpads- An Aid For Success

A launchpad is a platform that provides easy accessibility to token presales for users, often hosting several up-and-coming projects with links to the project’s information, as well as how to buy. 

Furthermore, many launchpads will also work diligently alongside these upcoming projects themselves, creating advertising and marketing materials for them to draw traffic. This is beneficial for all parties, as this advertising brings new eyes not only to the project, but to the launchpad that is hosting it as well.

Launchpads are essential for giving new projects the backing they need for success, creating a buzz that will in turn result in presale token sales and a loyal user base. 


One launchpad providing a presale platform for exciting upcoming projects like Seesaw Protocol (SSW), Pacman Frog (PAC), and Firepin (FRPN) is BoostX.

For Buyers

For buyers, BoostX provides a website with a simple layout and design, with each crypto project and their information labelled clearly. 

The blockchain each project is hosted on, as well as the tokens value and presale end date, are labelled in each tokens assigned box, meaning crucial information can be gathered at a glance. Each token has been curated by BoostX and their team, guaranteeing a level of quality across all of the projects on the launchpad.

Furthermore, BoostX guarantees uniqueness in their promoted projects, with each one having worked with BoostX on their journey to find their position on the launchpad. 

For Sellers 

For those looking for a platform to launch their new crypto project, BoostX also provides an incredible assortment of tools and resources to take a project to a new level. 

A simple way this has been done, for example, is by incorporating multi-chain technology into the BoostX launchpad, meaning that projects built on most blockchains can have a place on the launchpad. 

Another way this is done is through the services available to projects, such as access to BoostX’s team of experienced journalists tasked with writing up the best reports and information. 

Reports can then be published to several different crypto outlets. This means more eyes will be drawn to the project and results on search engines like Google will skyrocket, giving the project a greater chance of being noticed by the wider crypto community and benefiting from an explosive presale. 

So, for those looking to launch a new project, or those looking to get in early on the next big thing in crypto regardless of its blockchain, look no further than BoostX

FireStarter Heats Up the Metaverse Market

For investors looking to get involved in the Metaverse specifically, FireStarter (FLAME) is a phenomenal launchpad to find upcoming projects set to shape the future.  

Made on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, FireStarter (FLAME) gives metaverse projects the chance to make it big through their networks of social media influencers and creators, who can partner with and promote new projects for a massive boost in interest in the build-up or launch of a presale. 

What is a Launchpad? And Why Are BoostX and FireStarter (FLAME) Ones to Look Out For? = Daily Token News

FireStarter (FLAME) offers a native token, with holders being given first access to these project presales. As such, there is a benefit for both parties, but with the added benefit of utilising pre-existing FireStarter (FLAME) token holders, new projects are given a far better chance of success through utilising FireStarters (FLAME) captive audience. 

As far as finding and hosting the most innovative Web 3.0 metaverse projects goes, FireStarter (FLAME) is a launchpad with a lot to offer. 

Find out more about BoostX at:

And find out more about FireStarter (FLAME) at:





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