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What is Immunicorn Finance (IMU)? Everything you need to know about the Decentralized Cryptocurrency

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Coined from the words ‘immune’ and ‘unicorn’, Immunicorn Finance (IMU) is a decentralized reserve cryptocurrency BEP-20 built on the BNB Smart Chain. The cryptocurrency aims to create and develop a new dynamic of well-thought-out economic

and game theories into the blockchain market by utilizing the mechanisms of minting and staking. 

Why was the BNB Smart Chain Chosen?

Currently regarded as one of the most popular blockchain networks in the world, the BNB Smart Chain is an open-source community-oriented blockchain network that is dedicated to delivering core infrastructures that are necessary for future public adoption. The BNB Smart Chain is a combination of the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Immunicorn Finance (IMU) chose the BNB Smart Chain because of its effectiveness with smart contract programmability, which is being built on Solidity—a secure programming language.

The BNB Smart Chain also possesses other key features such as the execution of fast-paced transactions, cheaper cost of transactions, as well as providing a secure blockchain for these transactions to be performed. 

What is the Goal of Immunicorn Finance (IMU)?

The primary goal of the Immunicorn Finance (IMU) platform is to facilitate the existence of a policy-controlled governance system, which would allow the IMU token to be controlled at a high level by the platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The Immunicorn Finance (IMU) ecosystem is also focused on featuring a staking component that will utilize the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to ensure that all transactions carried out on the Immunicorn platform are verified and secured without the presence of a bank or a payment processor to act as a  middleman or third-party intermediate.

What is Immunicorn Finance (IMU)? Everything you need to know about the Decentralized Cryptocurrency = Daily Token News

Does Immunicorn Finance (IMU) have a roadmap?

According to its whitepaper, Immunicorn Finance (IMU) has a roadmap that is divided into 5 phases:

  • Phase One
    • Formation of the platform idea
    • Website Launch
    • Release of Whitepaper
    • Marketing in preparation for Presale
  • Phase Two
    • Presale Begins
    • Launch of Immunicorn Token
    • Website Update
    • Listing on the CoinMarketCap/Gecko
  • Phase Three
    • Presale Ends
    • Launch on Pancake Swap
    • Launch on UniSwap
  • Phase Four
    • Launch of Immunicorn DAO
    • Launch Of Immunicorn Staking
    • Launch Of Immunicorn Lending/Borrowing
  • Phase Five
    • Development of Ecosystem
    • New Website Launch
    • List On Every Major Exchange

What is the token distribution for Immunicorn Finance (IMU)?

Immunicorn Finance (IMU) will have a total maximum supply of 50 billion tokens of which:

  • 20% will be allocated towards the token’s presale phase, 
  • 25% will be allocated towards the Immunicorn Finance community fund,
  •  20% will be allocated for marketing, 
  • 10% will be offered as IDOs (Initial DEXs Offerings),
  •  5% will be allocated to the Immunicorn Finance founding team,
  •  10% will be kept as  reserve capital, and
  •  10% will be donated to charity. 

Is Immunicorn Finance (IMU) a rug pull?

Immunicorn Finance (IMU) is not a rug pull. This is because it is community-driven meaning that it is governed by its users through the Immunicorn Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The users of the Immunicorn platform will be able to take part in the network’s governance and also have a say in the process of voting by being owners and

holders of the native utility cryptocurrency token of the platform, IMU. These users will also be allowed to submit any proposals they have that will benefit the community, as long as they meet the requirements in the number of tokens owned. 

Although it is important for crypto enthusiasts to perform their research before purchasing any crypto asset, Immunicorn Finance (IMU) has the potential to provide great returns and a high level of decentralization to its users. 

To Find Out More About Immunicorn Finance (IMU), Read This Article; 





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