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What Is Hegic Coin? What Are The Areas Of Application?

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Hegic Coin is a project that was first proposed by a team supporting cryptocurrency anonymity. This project continued to grow rapidly and was adopted by a large audience in the following years. But what exactly does it do? How can you use it?

What Exactly Does Hegic Coin Do?

Hegic is a peer-to-peer on-chain options trading technology based on Ethereum. With Hegic, you can trade ETH and BTC options with cash settlement, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without KYC or registration. 

A hedge contract is an option-like on-chain contract that gives the holder or buyer the right to buy or sell any asset at a fixed price and obligates the seller to buy an asset. 

What Are The Features Of The Hegic Coin?

The HEGIC token is an ERC-20-based token of the Hegic protocol that distributes all transaction fees proportionally among token holders. On a quarterly basis, the cumulative transaction fees are transferred to all HEGIC holders. 

What Is Hegic Coin? What Are The Areas Of Application?

By setting prices, settlement fees, strike price multipliers, and supported asset classes, holders can then participate in governance. In addition, HEGIC coin holders receive a 30 percent discount on contract purchases. There are 703 million HEGIC tokens in circulation with a total balance of 3 billion.

2,275 option traders and 7,450 call and put options have been traded on the Hegic platform, which has been open to users for 1.5 years. There are a total of 5,640 Hegic token holders. As of March 28, the project’s market capitalization was $37 million, while the total option volume on the platform was around $586 million.

Promising Future

The Hegic token can be interpreted as a more systematic version of a long-used work. For high-quality and secure trading transactions, support from the magical world of the Hegic token can always be called upon. For more detailed information, you can browse social media addresses and quickly browse various topics. It stands out as a product that is preferred by a wider audience and is becoming increasingly popular. 

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