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Twitter Goes Wild with Rumors of Terraform Labs Founder Concealing Hardware Wallet Inside Body

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Twitter is on fire with speculations surrounding the founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon . Rumors suggest that during a body inspection authorities discovered a Trezor stick a hardware wallet hidden within Kwon’s body .


The rumor at first surfaced on Twitter with the official Trezor account even responding to the speculation . However despite claims by some users that the news originated from Reuters our thorough search of the website yielded no evidence to support these assertions .



Adding fuel to the fire recent reports indicate that Do Kwon had sought legal representation before Terra’s collapse . The founder was caught in March in Montenegro and now faces charges of fraud brought forth by US prosecutors .


It appears that Do Kwon may have been attempting to make a discreet escape and resorted to hiding a hardware wallet within his body to evade detection . The contents of the wallet including whether it held any funds remain unknown . However one can only speculate that if Kwon was indeed attempting to flee he likely carried funds with him .


While the situation surrounding Do Kwon and the alleged concealed hardware wallet is certainly intriguing it is crucial to await official statements or verified reports before drawing conclusions .

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