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The Weeknd Holds The First Crypto-Powered World Tour BoostX

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The biggest crypto exchange, Binance has become an official sponsor of Canadian musician, The Weeknd’s world tour. BoostX The multi-award-winning singer will be the first ever to hold a world tour integrating Web3 technology. The After Hours Til Dawn tour will be commencing on July 8th 2022 and will provide fans with a unique Web3 experience featuring tour-based NFT collections alongside co-branded merchandise. 

The Weeknd Holds The First Crypto-Powered World Tour BoostX = Daily Token News

Why Binance?

It comes as no surprise that Binance has partnered with The Weeknd for this milestone as it is the largest and most successful crypto exchange within the market. Its token, BNB, is currently ranked 5th on CoinMarketCap, and its overall platform has over 10 million active users. 

With various features including a launchpad to help promote upcoming projects in presale, Binance has become the go-to crypto platform for users. According to Binance, The Weeknd said, “Binance is all about the community, about people, about inclusion. I was impressed by their focus on users and innovative edge” about his reasoning to choose Binance as a partner.

Not only will this be a great experience for The Weeknd’s fans, but is also a pivotal moment for the crypto industry. 

What Does This Mean For The Crypto Community?

As the crypto market has been struggling this year, this is big news for the crypto community and will only bring positive effects. 

Since 2021, NFTs have become the new hype in the market. With many celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Eminem releasing their own collections, there is no shock this collaboration will be NFT orientated. Alongside The Weeknd’s NFT collection, attendee’s virtual ticket stubs can also gain access to commemorative NFTs which will provide fans with unique experiences. 

For other crypto platforms such as BoostX, one of the most diverse launchpads in the market, this is great news as it is likely for more users to learn about new projects entering the market. Targeting the fans that have no crypto experience, this deal will open the doors for the industry. 

In Binance’s official announcement, they said, “We are excited to be an exclusive crypto partner of The Weeknd’s tour, giving fans and people the ability to interact with crypto in a new avenue. Crypto is community-centric, and we believe this partnership embodies that, including empowering local artists and giving back through a mainstream platform.” 

The Weeknd Holds The First Crypto-Powered World Tour BoostX = Daily Token News

XO Humanitarian Fund 

Earlier this year, The Weeknd launched the XO Humanitarian Fund to support the WFP’s mission of lifesaving hunger operations around the world. To celebrate the launch of the postponed tour due to covid restrictions, Binance is donating $2 million to the fund. Additionally, 5% of all NFT sales will be donated to the XO Humanitarian Fund.

Benefitting various individuals and organisations worldwide, this is a groundbreaking time for the crypto industry. Music fans can expect this to be the beginning of the future as crypto is likely to dominate most financial industries. 

To learn more about crypto projects, especially upcoming ones currently in presale, use launchpad BoostX to learn more and find projects suited to your interests. 



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