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The hunt for CryptoQueen is intensifying

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Ruja Ignatova has been added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for supposedly defrauding financial backers out of $4 billion through OneCoin.

The chase after CryptoQueen is escalating.

Today the U.S. Government Bureau of Investigation (FBI) added Ruja Ignatova, better referred to in the crypto space as “CryptoQueen“, to its Ten Most Wanted List for “supposedly [defrauding] financial backers of billions.” Charges against Ignatova incorporate connivance to commit wire misrepresentation, wire extortion, scheme to commit tax evasion, trick to commit protections extortion, and protections misrepresentation.

The hunt for CryptoQueen is intensifying = Daily Token News

The FBI is presenting to $100,000 in remuneration for data prompting Ignatova’s capture. It cautions that she might be going with furnished guardians and partners.

Ignatova is the fellow benefactor of OneCoin, a Bulgarian digital currency Ponzi plot that is accepted by investigators to have swindled its survivors of more than $4 billion. OneCoin would sell instructive exchanging bundles to financial backers for up to six-figure aggregates; these bundles included tokens that could be utilized to mine OneCoins. OneCoins must be traded for different monetary standards on the OneCoin trade, which shut down without notice in January 2017.

Ignatova was the head of the association from 2014 to October 2017, so, all in all her sibling Konstantin Ignatov had her spot. Ignatov and one more OneCoin prime supporter, Sebastian Greenwood, were captured in 2019 and 2018 separately; Ignatov, who confessed to charges like those against Ignatova, has to deal with upwards of 90 years in jail.

Ignatova, a Bulgarian resident, vanished in October 2017 in Athens, Greece. The FBI accepts she could be going on a German identification. She was the subject of a BBC digital recording series entitled The Missing Cryptoqueen. She was as of late added to Europol’s Most Wanted List also.

Tax evasion and wire misrepresentation have been tireless issues inside the crypto space. Major crypto trade Binance was as of late blamed for letting European criminal organizations, Russian street pharmacists, and North Korean programmers process their assets through the stage.

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