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Stellar, ApeCoin, and Seesaw could deliver 10X gains as crypto bulls accumulate huge volumes

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Stellar (XLM), ApeCoin (APE), and Seesaw Protocol (SSW) have seen a huge increase in buy volumes as cryptocurrency investors anticipate a bullish rally in the coming weeks. All three tokens have seen a considerable rise and you should be on the lookout for such tokens to make big profits as the bull run starts. Read on to find out whether you can also fulfill your dream of becoming a crypto billionaire by investing in these coins. 

Stellar launches campus programs

The Stellar Foundation has recently launched a new program to attract new talent through its campus outreach initiative. The Stellar organization announced it via a tweet, “SDF is growing the Stellar developer ecosystem with the launch of Stellar Campus Experts!”

The program will allow interested students to learn more about blockchain technology through a gaming platform known as Stellar Quest Learn. The XLM token was trading at the $0.2 level at the time of writing. It can be added at these levels for a potential upside of 5-10%

ApeCoin surges to $15 level on rumours of Robinhood listing

The APE token has surged by 25% to reach the level of $15 after rumors of a potential Robinhood listing began to circulate. The ApeCoin has been launched by Yuga labs, the company behind the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. The APE token has seen a tremendous rise and was listed by most centralized exchanges on the day of launch. The APE coin is powered by an established team and has a loyal community of supporters. It should be considered for a potential spike of 5% in the near future. 

The APE token is one of the most researched cryptos on the internet today and could rise quickly as more updates are released by the team. 

Seesaw Protocol undergoes CERTIK audit

The Seesaw protocol has recently completed its presale and can be purchased through decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap and Seesaw Swap. The SSW token will power the NFT and Metaverse empire along with the Seesaw Swap liquidity pool DeFi initiatives. 

Most of the DeFi protocols currently available suffer from problems of liquidity and this is primarily because pools are launched without ensuring a sufficient supply of tokens. The Seesaw protocol has ensured that $1M of liquidity will be added. With this jump start you will hopefully need not worry about issues of liquidity on Seesaw protocol ever again. These measures have ensured that users and liquidity providers will prefer the Seesaw protocol as compared to other such service providers. 

Moreover, the SSW token will be available across three networks initially: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. The protocol has built bridges to ensure smooth transfer across these three blcokchains. 

Holding the SSW token will provide a passive source of income to all its hodlers and can also be used for liquidity purposes. All other coins need to be sold in order to realize gains but these new generation tokens provide an additional and easy way to generate income for its users. A part of the transaction fee is rewarded back to supporters and it also provides an incentive for holding the coin for the long term. You can increase your SSW holdings by not selling and receiving rewards over the long term. 

The Seesaw protocol will also donate a part of the earnings towards charity and educational initiatives. 

The Seesaw protocol has invested a lot of research into ensuring that users get the best possible liquidity for their trades across the NFT and Metaverse platform. This is ensured through Seesaw’s SmartTrade and liquidity aggregation service.

A diversified portfolio consisting of Stellar, ApeCoin, and Seesaw tokens can deliver big profits in 2022. Head over to the official site or learn more about the SSW token at the social media channels given below. Early investors in APE and XLM have earned huge returns and you can also get a chance at financial independence through the SSW token. 

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