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Meme Coin RoboApe (RBA) Could Rival The Returns of Polygon (MATIC) and Near Protocol (NEAR)

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Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular investment instruments of the current decade. With the general idea that investing in crypto can make millions, it is important to remember that these assets are also very volatile and you need to carefully select the right mix of coins to protect yourself against various risks.

A new investor can easily get confused given the huge number of tokens available in the cryptocurrency market like RBA. Some coins that stand out to have strong potential to earn investors large sums of profit include, RoboApe (RBA), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Polygon (MATIC).  RoboApe is a new coin and possesses some strong utilities and interesting features that might help it to provide similar gains as seen in established coins like NEAR and MATIC. 

RoboApe Token (RBA) Is Reinventing Meme Token Culture

NFT and DeFi sectors will benefit from the RBA token; a simple and fast solution for processing transactions. RBA, the RoboApe meme token, powers the RoboApe ecosystem.  Currently on presale, investors can begin to join the RoboApe (RBA) community, possibly accumulating high profits once it rises in value after launch.


Once a bridge is in place, the RBA token may be exchanged for tokens on any other chain, making it compatible with other blockchain networks. Developers are increasingly opting for networks that offer interoperability, in part because it allows them to save money on gas fees by transferring their tokens to other networks when traffic is very high.

Users of RoboApe will be able to make an additional income by using DeFi inside the RoboApe ecosystem. Owners of RBA wallets will have their transaction fees repaid to the extent of 50%. As long as users keep it in the wallet, users will get the airdrops and see the holdings increase in value. Owners of RBA tokens will be eligible for several benefits, which the RBA token team will outline in a future release program.

As a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO), the RoboApe community will have a say in choosing the long-term path of the ecosystem. It will ensure community involvement by organizing presale events and completing game tasks.

Users may be able to acquire enough of these three tokens by using the dollar-cost averaging technique to realize favorable returns in the near future. You should never invest more money than you can afford to lose, and you should also learn to diversify your investments. Investors that are familiar with crypto tend to buy huge amounts of cryptocurrency when the market is weak and wait for the market to recover before making a significant profit.

Near Protocol Could Generate Big Returns

When it comes to many blockchains, sluggish transaction rates, limited throughput, and poor interoperability have been major problems. However, Near Protocol addresses these issues with its layer-one blockchain. Being a community-run cloud computing platform, the network is more user and developer-friendly while also encouraging the creation of decentralized apps (dApps). In contrast to Ethereum’s typically encrypted wallet addresses, NEAR uses account names that can be read by people. NEAR also has its own consensus method, which it uses to solve scalability problems. 

Given its decentralization and scaling ability, the NEAR token can also be accumulated for potentially generating huge returns in the future. 

Why Is Polygon So Popular?

Polygon is one of the first Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platforms with a clear structure and intuitive user interface. It is the first layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network and has become very popular among the developer community. 

Having worked hard to create an easily deployable version of its software development kit, Polygon can be used to create many different kinds of dApps. Polygon’s solution transforms Ethereum into a multi-chain architecture that works flawlessly. Backed by the MATIC token and coupled with the advantages of Ethereum’s openness and security make Polygon a good scaling solution.


As one of the biggest crypto platforms in the market, Polygon is known to be trustworthy and successful. 

Where To Invest?

Whilst all 3 are well supported in the crypto market, RoboApe seems to be the best one to invest in right now. As it is currently in the presale stage, prices are low and are expected to rise once launched. 




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