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Looking To Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio? Use PinkSale, Starpad, and BoostX

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At a time like right now, it can be difficult to choose which crypto projects are worth investing in, especially if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio. BoostX news…

With a dip in the market, many have started to invest in presale projects as they cost significantly less and have the potential to grow and do well once they launch. However, with new crypto projects constantly entering the market, it can become overwhelming to choose the right projects for you.

This is where launchpads come in. Acting as a bridge between start-up crypto projects and investors, launchpads carefully select reliable projects for users to invest in. Not only does this make it easier for investors, but also helps the new projects raise funds and build a community before launch. If you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio, using launchpads like PinkSale, Starpad, and BoostX will be most beneficial. 

How Can PinkSale Help Your Portfolio?

One of the most used launchpads in the market, PinkSale has raised $243.3 million at the time of writing and has supported 10,625 projects. With a total of 1.1 million users, PinkSale has shown massive success within the market. 

PinkSale is one of the easiest launchpads to launch a crypto project as no coding is needed, allowing anyone to launch their token. PinkSale is attractive to investors because there is a wide range of projects on the platform. Many investors enjoy using PinkSale to find the right project to suit them as the project can customise itself to the client so thoroughly.

A unique feature PinkSale holds is the option to add a soft cap to a project. This is good for investors because if a project does not receive enough funding, investors can withdraw without losing the money they had invested. 

Looking To Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio? Use PinkSale, Starpad, and BoostX = Daily Token News

Find The Best Gaming Projects With Starpad 

Starpad is a launchpad that focuses on the NFT gaming sector of the market. Intending to become the leading incubator ecosystem for NFT gaming startups, Starpad supports new projects to develop and succeed. 

Differing from other launchpads, newly released games can be featured on Starpad’s platform, where the community can vote and pay for the game of their choice. This is beneficial for the project as it gives them a head start in the market, and users can enjoy new games for low prices. 

Providing a lot of support to each project such as technical advice from experts, starting a crowdfunding campaign, and so on, investors know that each project showcased on Starpad has a lot of potential to grow in the market. 

Diversify With BoostX

BoostX is a great launchpad to use if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio. Showcasing projects from multiple blockchains, there is a wide range for users to choose from. Another reason why BoostX is great for diversity is due to its dynamic dashboard. This allows projects to customise their presale, from pricing, stages, bonuses, and more. Hence, when an investor looks at the different projects, they will all be unique.

Investing with BoostX is very easy as there are links that take users to the official presale links. From there, the BoostX dashboard can be used to create an account and make a payment request. Once this has been done, your account will be credited with tokens which will be received upon launch. 

With various options, users can happily find the right project to suit their needs using BoostX. 



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