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Polker (PKR) Coin Weekly Analysis And Price Prediction

This article will cover the special features of the PKR coin and provide a technical analysis of the currency on . Information will be provided on how and where you can buy PKR coins . Our technical analysis will be based on weekly candlestick charts .

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This article will cover the special features of the PKR coin and provide a technical analysis of the currency on . Information will be provided on how and where you can buy PKR coins . Our technical analysis will be based on weekly candlestick charts . Investors will be able to use our weekly assessments, where they will have the opportunity to manage their portfolios according to opportunities And risks .

What is Polker (PKR) coin?

Polker (PKR) coin functions as the native digital currency of the Polker platform, which is a blockchain-based decentralized gaming platform focused on poker and NFTs . Its primary goal is to combine the thrill of traditional poker with the benefits brought by transparency , security and fairness offered through blockchain technology .

Within the Polker ecosystem , PKR token serves various purposes including :

  1. Utility: PKR tokens are utilized for multiple actions within the platform such as engaging in games, staking, voting, accessing exclusive features, and earning rewards .
  2. Staking: Users have the opportunity to stake their PKR tokens to receive additional rewards or gain access to specific benefits provided by the platform .
  3. Governance: Holders of PKR tokens may possess governance rights that enable them to participate in decision-making processes regarding protocol upgrades or modifications .
  4. In-Game Currency: PKR can be employed as an in-game currency for acquiring NFTs or other virtual assets within the immersive Polker gaming environment .

If you intend to invest in or utilize Polker (PKR) coin within its respective platform, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research since specifics about its functionality might evolve over time due to project updates and advancements .

Polker (PKR) coin how and where to buy

To acquire Polker (PKR) coin, you can adhere to these general guidelines :

  1. Explore Exchanges: Conduct thorough research to identify cryptocurrency exchanges that facilitate the trading of PKR tokens .  Look for well-established and reputable exchanges .
  2. Establish an Account: Register an account on your chosen Exchange . This typically involves providing personal information, completing any necessary verification procedures, and fortifying your account with security measures like two-factor authentication .
  3. Deposit Funds: Add funds to your exchange account by linking a bank account or utilizing other supported payment methods such as credit/debit cards or cryptocurrencies .
  4. Locate PKR Trading Pair: Find the trading pair that combines PKR with a prominent cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) . For instance, PKR/BTC or PKR/ETH .
  5. Execute an Order: Specify the desired amount of PKR you wish to purchase and execute a buy order at the preferred price point through the exchange’s trading interface .
  6. Secure Storage Wallet: Once you have obtained PKR coins, consider transferring them from the exchange to a secure wallet capable of supporting PKR tokens . Hardware wallets or software wallets compatible with ERC-20 tokens are recommended for enhanced security .

Please bear in mind that availability might vary based on regional restrictions and market demand ; therefore, it is advisable to explore multiple exchanges where Polker (PKR) coin is listed in order to discover suitable options for purchasing .

Factors Influencing Polker (PKR) coin Price

The price of Polker (PKR) coin, similar to other cryptocurrencies, is subject to influence from a variety of factors . Several significant elements can impact the value of PKR coin :

    1. Supply and Demand Dynamics: The fundamental principles of supply and demand play a crucial role in determining the price of PKR coin . Limited supply coupled with high demand can drive up its value, while an oversupply or low demand may lead to a decrease in its worth .
    2. Cryptocurrency Market Conditions: Price movements within the broader cryptocurrency market have an impact on individual tokens like PKR coin . Factors such as market sentiment, regulatory developments, global economic conditions, and investor behavior towards cryptocurrencies collectively affect PKR’s valuation .
    3. Project Progress and News: News related to project updates , partnerships technological advancements, or significant milestones achieved by Polker can influence how investors and traders perceive the value of PKR coin . Positive news often generates increased interest and potential buying activity for PKR .
    4. Competition Analysis: The presence of competing projects offering comparable features or services can also shape the value of PKR coin . Investors tend to compare different options before making investment decisions which subsequently impacts the demand for Polker’s native token .
    5. Investor Sentiment: Emotions and perceptions surrounding cryptocurrencies hold considerable sway over their prices ; both positive and negative sentiments play a role here too . Favorable sentiments like excitement about new enhancements might attract more buyers whereas negative sentiments such as security concerns or controversies regarding the project could result in selling pressure on PKR coins .


It’s important to recognize that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile with rapid fluctuations influenced by these factors alongside various unpredictable events occurring within crypto ecosystems as well as external financial markets .

Polker (PKR) Coin Technical Analysis

PKR coin, which entered a downtrend from its highest level of $0.21 in December 2021, saw its lowest level of $0.0009 in June 2023, and with the volume increase, there has been an increase of around 50% for 2 weeks. Falling channel for PKR coin with an instant price of $0.00012 The resistance point is around $0.0021. If the channel resistance is broken, the resistance points are $0.0056-$0.030 respectively. The support point is $0.00092. The support point of the channel is $0.00057.

The following post does not provide any particular suggestions or investment advice . Prior to reaching a conclusion , readers should conduct their research, as every trading and investment decision carries inherent risks .

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