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New Malware Arise: Cryptocurrency Market Is At High Alert

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The MortalKombat malware and the Laplas Clipper virus have been aggressively attacking the internet and snatching bitcoins from unwary investors since December 2022. Two new dangerous computer applications transmitted by unidentified sources that are specifically aimed toward desktop bitcoin investors were revealed by Malwarebytes.

MortalKombat malware and Laplas Clipper ransomware have been aggressively attacking users, according to threat intelligence research company Cisco Talos. The majority of casualties are located in the United States, with lower proportions in the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Turkey.

MortalKombat Ransomware Poses a Great Threat

The MortalKombat malicious software collaborates to steal data from the user’s clipboard, which is often a list of characters and numbers that the user has copied. After wallet addresses have been copied to the clipboard, the virus finds them and replaces them with a new address.

These malware attacks depend on the recipient not paying attention to the sender’s wallet address, which would result in the recipient sending the cryptocurrency to an unknown attacker. The assault affects both big and small people and organizations, with no clear aim.

New Malware Arise: Cryptocurrency Market Is At High Alert

When a user’s files are compromised by MortalKombat ransomware, it delivers a note, including payment instructions, and encrypts the contents. The download sites (URLs) connected to the attack campaign were disclosed by a Talos report.

Malwarebytes Explain the Situation

According to Malwarebytes, the “tag-team campaign” begins with an email with a malicious attachment that has a cryptocurrency theme. When opened, the attachment launches a BAT file that aids in downloading and running the ransomware.

Investors can actively avoid this assault from harming their financial security by detecting the malware early, which has a high fatality. Experts urge investors to conduct thorough due diligence before making an investment to confirm the veracity of correspondence.

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