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Metamask Announces Updated Dates For Token Launch

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There is a three-year uncertainty regarding the Metamask token. This uncertainty is expected to end in April 2023. When speculations about an airdrop in November 2022 arose, Metamask users eagerly awaited the launch of this coin.

Alex Jupiter, the product manager of Metamask, revealed some information about the expected airdrop of the popular Ethereum wallet and other cryptocurrency networks.

Use Cases That Need Metamask

According to Jupiter, “Metamask won’t accomplish anything unless it finds use cases.” With that in mind, the token will be distributed to “external developers” who can apply with their projects to receive Metamask grants using the token.

In addition to approved projects, the first recipients of these tokens will be employees and collaborators of Consensys, the owner of Metamask, who will vote with them on which projects will be funded through the company’s franchise fund.

As proposed by Metamask, governance tokens will not only be used for price speculation, but will theoretically add value to the network by enabling decentralized decision making.

Metamask Announces Updated Dates For Token Launch

The release date of this coin and the admission restrictions for the Metamask airdrop are not yet known.

As reported on the official Twitter address in March 2023, information about this coin and the airdrop has so far focused on statements made by ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubim.

A few months ago, in November 2023, reports circulated about the possible launch of the Metamask coin.

Metamask Usage Rates On The Rise

Since then, Metamask activity has increased. For example, the number of active Metamask swap users on Polygon increased from 2,000 in the first week of November 2021 to 9,000 in March 2023, DelphiDigital reported. According to Dapp Radar, the number of unique wallets and transactions increased during this period and between January and March 2023.

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