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How Logarithmic Finance (LOG) will help Ethereum (ETH) scale to new highs

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Poor blockchain interoperability is a major barrier to the global adoption of the parent technology behind cryptocurrencies and DeFi. Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is the next-generation DeFi Layer 3 swapping protocol, carefully designed and built to promote seamless connectivity between early-stage innovators and investors. 

Ethereum has struggled for true interoperability despite Layer 2’s, like Polygon (Matic), best efforts. LOG is disrupting the already innovative DeFi space by unlocking the full potential of Interoperable blockchain, and Decentralised Applications.

Why do we need Layer 3 solutions?

Layer 3 swapping protocols provide the much-needed framework for a truly integrated and interoperable network of blockchains.  Their multi-chain liquidity pools will provide the infrastructure for lending across and between chains, that are otherwise not compatible with each other. 

Logarithmic Finance is a new revolutionary platform that will allow you to create liquidity pairings on the blockchain of your choice. This innovative software has been designed for simplicity and convenience, making it easier than ever to swap coins on fully interoperable blockchains. 

LOG is partnering with some of the biggest names in blockchain this year – Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (MATIC), Solana, and Avalanche among them. These partnerships are all about blockchain interoperability as they all have been developed to create a connected web of decentralized networks. 

Built originally on the Ethereum blockchain, LOG is an ERC-20 token that gives it the greatest levels of security and decentralization. This gives the new Layer 3 cryptocurrency swapping protocol the edge over its competitors. 


How does Ethereum stay ahead of its competitors?

The notorious blue-chip “King of DeFi” is unlikely ever to be replaced. This does not mean that it is entirely bulletproof, however. Compared to its main competitors in Solana and Avalanche,  Ethereum is far from the most scalable and interoperable blockchain around.

Logarithmic Finance may just be the Layer 3 cryptocurrency solution that Ethereum (ETH) has been desperate for. LOG will help ETH attract new clients to its blockchain by aiding the progress towards cheaper transaction fees and making its blockchain far more interoperable. True blockchain interoperability directly feeds into a more accessible cryptocurrency industry.

Just where could Logarithmic Finance go? 

Up over 100% in its first month on presale, LOG is already off to an impressive start. The Layer 3 cryptocurrency space is still very unsaturated and Logarithmic Finance has the blessing of getting in very early. Being an ERC-20 token, it is fluent with the Ethereum blockchain which gives huge confluence to the longevity and success of the project.

As the Layer 3 cryptocurrency industry is still relatively new, it is hard to predict how high tokens like LOG could go. Typically in cryptocurrencies, the first movers in any space get a huge head start over their competitors and take a large portion of the market share – take a look at Ethereum. Being the first platform to develop smart contracts for the masses, it now boasts a $300 billion market cap.

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) may just be your next opportunity to find those 10-100 times returns on investment. Interested in its presale? Check below for more details:





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