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LOG, Theta Network (THETA), and Fantom (FTM) – Can they provide King sized returns?

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It is important to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio to get huge returns. Risk can also be adequately factored in through diversification. It is a good strategy to select a small cap token and then balance it through two older coins. Let us discuss two veteran coins such as Theta Network (THETA), and Fantom (FTM) along with a new token Logarithmic Finance (LOG) that is currently in its ICO phase and can be bought on the presale here

Theta mainnet will go live by end of 2022

Theta Network (THETA) is a decentralized video delivery network powered by the THETA token. The Theta network has announce that their planned mainnet update is on schedule and will go live by end of 2022. This will bring interconnected chains to the Theta network and will help in scaling of the blockchain

Being a video streaming service provider, usage is very heavy and interconnections will help in scaling of the Theta network. The THETA token was trading at $2.90 and can be added for good gains in the future. It will soon bring multi-chain compatibility and make its chain more scalable helping in greater adoption. 

Fantom remains undervalued

The FTM token that powers the Fantom ecosystem remains highly undervalued and is being ignored more than it should by investors. Fantom received a lot of bad publicity as some of its decentralized finance solutions were abandoned by founders. 

However, the FTM coin remains a solid investment and the steady decline is actually a good opportunity to gain entry in this ecosystem. The FTM token is trading at $1.04 but should bounce back to levels of $2 quickly. This has happened many time before and history has an uncomfortable habit of repeating itself

Logarithmic Finance could see greater gains than Theta and Fantom

The LOG token is being sold via a presale and could register even higher gains than Theta and Fantom. While both chains are busy onboarding multi-chain functionality,. the LOG token has already taken care of it and will be deployed on many chains. It will soon launch on PancakeSwap after listing and you can get it at very low prices currently. The potential upswing is greater than many other coins because it has a unique utility and tackles a significant problem in decentralized finance space. 

The Logarithmic Finance ecosystem will provide a platform for fund seekers and will ensure cross-chain liquidity services. Investors will be able to utilize pools for earning rewards and also decide which projects to fund. The community of LOG will be DAO governed and completely decentralized. 

Holders of LOG will be rewarded so that they are encouraged to add liquidity to the various pools. Information on pools and their status will be shared continuously with all participants to ensure transparency. The team also plans a CERTIK audit to increase confidence for their project.

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) has a lot of options for investors and they can choose to lock their funds in a time vested pool or utilize an open pool where assets can be withdrawn at any time. Project owners also get a lot of flexibility and lower fees than other sites. 

This creates a win-win situation for all parties while ensuring sufficient liquidity so users can freely participate. Time-freeze pools will have a vesting period. The investors will not be able to withdraw the swapped tokens before the completion of lock-in period. 

Add the three tokens described above and gain magnificent returns. Research carefully about each token and identify a proper investment strategy. The dollar cost averaging strategy remains one of the best and time tested financial route currently available to all investors. Invest small amounts periodically and gain handsome returns. 


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