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Is It Possible? Earning Bitcoin While Playing Super Mario!

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Another classic game is heading to the cryptosphere besides the recent direct implantation of a DOOM-inspired video game on the Bitcoin (BTC) network. The Lightning Network has allowed for a “bitcoinized” variant of the venerable Super Mario Bros 3 game.

Retro games know how to welcome themselves into the realm of Bitcoin and digital assets, just as the present gaming ecosystem is inspired by the newest innovations from cryptocurrencies, such as NFTs, for example.

The co-founder of ZEBEDEE, Christian Moss, shares a customized version of Super Mario Bros 3 on Twitter. You must first insert a small coin in order to play. Afterward, you may play Mario in the game to gain satoshis.

How Does the Game Work with Satoshis?

The creator of “Bit-tendo” provided us with some information on its creation. Its software is executed on a computer or another device that can receive a video stream. An actual Nintendo NES system is used to start the Super Mario Bros 3 game. The only distinctions are a satoshi counter and a countdown that is displayed in the game. 

Is It Possible? Earning Bitcoin While Playing Super Mario!

The game costs one US dollar in satoshis to start playing, and at the end of the 60-second countdown, the player receives 100 satoshis for each in-game coin he has gathered.

This Bitcoin Trend is Taking Off

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is used for both the original payment and the distribution of the eventual incentive. You will need a wallet from ZEBEDEE or LNbits to utilize this gaming program. This kind of microtransaction is perfect for the Lightning Network’s speed and extremely cheap transaction fees.

Christian Moss has also vowed to convert Sonic to his “satoshis diffuser” video game software, which is excellent news for anyone who prefers Sega‘s Sonic over Nintendo’s Mario. The creator of ZEBEDEE is far from making his first try; he previously added some bitcoin satoshis to the popular game Counter-Strike.

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