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Why First Time Investors Should Get to Know Cryptocurrency

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Investing, for those new to the game, can be terrifying. 

One of the major aspects that hold many people back from investing in cryptocurrency, or investing in general, is the fear of financial loss..

Losing money is a significant financial risk in investing, and in crypto investing this is no exception. While there is a chance that a cryptocurrency will ‘go to the moon’, there is also a chance that it will fail, and that users may lose a significant amount of money. 

An investment in a new cryptocurrency, for example, will always hold risk. Mushe (XMU), for example, is a token still in its first stages of its presale, with individual tokens valued at just under $0.03. While all signs point to this cryptocurrencies success, without a history of proof, the idea of investing in an unreleased currency may be daunting. 

And it isn’t only unreleased tokens that could be a risky investment.

Just look at the recent rapid decline of Terra (LUNA), for example- a once renowned cryptocurrency whose value dropped from $90 to just a fraction of a cent in a week. If a decline like this is possible, no wonder some may be hesitant to commit.

However, while there is a real chance that losses can be made, in crypto, there are solutions to help overcome this which are wholly unique to this form of investing. 

Is the Fear of Loss the Only Reason?

While the fear of loss is certainly a big reason why some may be turned off from crypto, according to the upcoming crypto project Mushe (XMU), the reason for this fear can be explained through the general lack of understanding many have in regards to cryptocurrency, and that education is the solution. 

The Power of Education, According to Mushe (XMU)

According to their website, Mushe (XMU) plans to bridge and reduce the education gap regarding cryptocurrency, arming the everyday person with informative crypto knowledge to participate in the scene and make well informed financial decisions. 

Everyone should have access to education to make their own choices’, they write, emphasising how a lack of financial literacy can have a drastic impact on mental health. 

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and for Mushe (XMU), this includes crypto education. They believe that understanding crypto, from the financial risks to the financial rewards, is essential to returning financial power to the people. 

Investing in a presale token like Mushe (XMU) holds risks, and Mushe (XMU) understands that. As such, they want to create a space that emphasises learning, to empower those in the community to make informed financial decisions. 

The Power of the Crypto Community

However, even with education in crypto, the fear of loss will still be a major factor in determining someone’s likelihood of investing in crypto.

What makes cryptocurrency investing different to traditional investing, however, is the online community surrounding crypto, and the opportunities that this online community affords. 

When a community discusses their intentions with a crypto project or speaks about future predictions, there is a level of insight into the project’s future which becomes available.

If the online crypto community is speaking highly of an upcoming project, it will likely succeed due to the community’s collective interest. Similarly, if the community is sceptical of a project, or sees patterns in it that mirror other failed projects, there is a good chance that this project may fail. 

The social security this community provides allows the fear of loss to once again be minimised. Knowing you are surrounded by people making the same choices as you, hoping for the same outcomes as you is reassuring. 

Final words

For someone new to investing, the fear of losing money can be overwhelming. The fact that investing requires so much knowledge to be done correctly and safely, and that this knowledge can sometimes be obscured by a lack of resources or community, makes taking that first step difficult. And making a well informed first step even harder. 

However, crypto offers solutions to these fears.

To a community that allows for comfort and security in projects, to the educational tools provided by platforms like Mushe (XMU), the crypto sphere has a host of phenomenal aspects that help quell fears many first time investors may have.

So, for those looking to give investing a try, why not give cryptocurrency a try?

Find out more about Mushe at: 







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