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Why you should invest in a Metaverse utility token today with Mushe token (XMU) and Ethereum (ETH)

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As cryptocurrency use is growing and investors seek to diversify their portfolio, the rise of Metaverse utility coins has not gone unnoticed. While hundreds of tokens see the light every week, many of them do not provide users and communities with added value. This article seeks to explore some of the utilities provided by new tokens which will revolutionise the blockchain and crypto use by looking at Mushe token (XMU) and Ethereum (ETH) 

Mushe Token (XMU) – integrating cutting-edge tools to empower the community

The Mushe token (XMU) aims to create an ecosystem that integrates several financial tools and educational programmes to enhance every holder’s experience. Driven by its goal to enhance community experience, the Mushe team is developing a new user experience that will bring new functionalities to the crypto sphere.

The Mushe team is developing a Mushe Wallet and a Mushe Swap to allow its holders to store, trade and exchange tokens from the Mushe platform. The Mushe wallet will be able to store tokens from several blockchains including the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Solana. Moreover, the Swap will also be compatible with most existing blockchains, in a bid to add a multi-chain function to Mushe.

The creation of the multi-chain Mushe Swap and wallet is the first step to make the MusheVerse as interoperable as possible. In this way, the Mushe team seeks to develop a Metaverse that bridges the gap between fiat and crypto and between the virtual and physical world. They will do this by engaging in cooperation with existing online banking and e-commerce partners that will integrate their financial services at the heart of the MusheVerse.

While the MusheVerse will allow for a renewed user experience and generate new possibilities for users. It is important for the Mushe Team to also create educational and empowering programmes in order for their holders and the broader crypto community to be aware of the existing possibilities. In this way, a strong pillar of the Mushe ecosystem is an educational programme tailored to each user.

Ethereum (ETH) – pioneering smart contracts


Ethereum (ETH) has emerged in 2015 and has since then become the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation after Bitcoin (BTC), standing at around $285 billion in May 2022. Ethereum has beccame popular thanks to the high speed of their transaction at the time, when compared to bitcoin, and the extreme flexibility of its blockchain.

The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain allows for the integration of smart contracts, meaning developers can create applications on the Ethereum blockchain and users can interact with them. Smart contracts allow developers to create for instance tokens that operate on the ERC-20 or to create other kind of agreements between two parties that are programmed in the blockchain.

This ability to create smart contracts and other kinds of DApps that run on Ethereum has made it the prime token for the integration of applications. Ethereum’s open-source nature and highly skilled team means it provides a high level of security and reliability while being totally transparent.

This makes Ethereum (ETH) one of the most compatible blockchains with Metaverse integrations, in turn increasing its long-term credibility and viability. Similarly, the Mushe Token also provides new financial tools which in the long term make it more credible and sustainable, thanks to its transparent and community-centred approach.

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