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Galois Capital Claims That 50% of The Funds Are Blocked in FTX

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Galois Capital claims that 50% of the funds are blocked in FTX. According to an article in the Financial Times, cryptocurrency hedge fund Galois Capital told its clients that more than half of its money is still in the negative FTX market. In a letter to investors, Galois CEO Kevin Zhou said that although some assets were removed from the exchange, nearly half of them remained attached.

Galois Capital – The Largest Crypto Quant Hedge Fund

Zhou said the company would be a creditor if the exchange filed for bankruptcy protection, adding that it would work hard to increase its chances of recovering the funds it had lost. any. On Friday, FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The largest crypto-quant hedge fund, Galois, tweeted late Friday that a large amount of money is locked in the FTX exchange and that it does not use any Bahamian method to withdraw funds. According to the FT report, Galois was responsible for managing assets worth more than $200 million last summer.

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