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Earn Millions with Mehracki (MKI), Cardano (ADA), and Avalanche (AVAX)

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Here is a potential opportunity to reap millions in profit by investing in Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), and Mehracki (MKI).  Cardano is developing into a full-fledged blockchain ecosystem that will support many dApps and interesting token launches. Avalanche, a similarly based DeFi layer 1 token mixing decentralisation with low gas fees.

Mehracki is a new token that focuses on the tourism and hospitality industry. These 3 cryptocurrencies can provide magnificent returns in the long term future if you can manage to build a portfolio with proper risk diversification. Let’s find out how these 3 cryptocurrencies can yield big returns for your crypto portfolio. 

Mehracki will provide users access to NFT rewards

Mehracki is a community-powered token that will provide utility and perks in the form of NFTs to its holders. Established as a tourism and hospitality payments solution, the MKI Token is now available for presale and users will also be able to purchase it from exchanges after its listings on major exchanges.

Payments with Mehracki Token will help users earn great rewards which will result in users getting access to different perks and rewards which will help in promoting the adoption of the token.

Holding the MKI token will allow users to participate in staking and earning rewards through liquidity farming. The MKI Token has been deployed on the Solana network to enable low fees transactions. The average transaction on Solana costs very less.

Users and holders of MKI Token will be able to gain access to NFTs in the form of reward tokens and the NFT ownership will correspond to loyalty points similar to a tier system. The Mahracki ecosystem will be governed on the lines of a DAO and voting power will be determined by the number of MKI tokens held by the user, on-chain and off-chain activity, and NFT ownership. The MKI Token could reach for the moon after listing as it has great utility and it is not just a simple meme token. It seeks to leverage the power of the community along with utility and should see some price appreciation in the future. 

Cardano blockchain launches anti-counterfeit solution

Input Output Global (IOG), the firm behind the Cardano blockchain has launched a new product known as Atala Scan which is the next generation Cardano base anti-counterfeit solution. This new protocol is built on touch chip technology and will use microchips that will help in verifying the authenticity of a drug or spirit. It will equip the seal with an auditable link that will provide full display information about the production and distribution cycle of the product.

Atala Scan is built on the ADA blockchain and will help in verifying data at the click of a button. This marks a new milestone for  DeFi based blockchain as it enters the supply chain industry and it will compete directly with the likes of VeChain which is an established player in the supply chain market. The supply chain industry is huge and it could open new avenues for the ADA Token. The ADA token was trading at $0.49 at the time of writing – 12/05/22 – down 83% from its high.

Avalanche hits a yearly low

Following the recent demise of Terra Luna, Avalanche (AVAX) is in danger of following suit. The DeFi Layer 1 has been working extremely close with Luna and as such will be hard-pressed to avoid the panic-induced volatility of the current market.

Luna bought $100 million worth of Avalanche to bolster its stable coin reserves. With Luna losing over $30 billion of its valuation, AVAX has shared in its poor fortune.

This proposes a rather good investment opportunity for any DeFi savvy investors. As ultimately there is nothing wrong with Avalanche’s fundamentals, this panic sell should in theory bounce back hard when we return to a bullish market. 


For the highest return on investment, however, Mehracki offers something that neither ADA nor AVAX could. The chance to buy a revolutionary token in its presale. It is in these presales that 10 times ROI can be made very quickly.

If you think that Mehracki has a chance of being adopted into the hospitality industry, check the links below for access to its presale.




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