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NEAR Protocol and VeChain Witness Huge Volumes, Could Parody Coin Be Next For 10x Gains?

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Near Protocol (NEAR) and Vechain (VET) have witnessed large uptake from investors as the price dips near the zone of accumulation. Parody Coin (PARO) also looks poised for big gains after it becomes listed as the coin has seen a lot of huge purchases from cryptocurrency investors during its early presale stages.

These three coins could add stability and necessary thrust to any crypto portfolio. Let us discuss the investment potential of these three tokens. 

NEAR Protocol and VeChain Witness Huge Volumes, Could Parody Coin Be Next For 10x Gains? = Daily Token News

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

The NEAR token is currently being traded at $15 representing a strong buy call as this has been a strong zone of accumulation in the past. The Near Protocol coin is nearing its all-time high currently located in the $20 region. 

The Near Protocol was one of the first networks to solve the issue of scalability and interoperability. It has incorporated sharding and has been in existence since 2018, continuously innovating and updating its smart contracts ability. The NEAR token has a lot of potential and could be looked at since every portfolio needs a layer 1 token. 

VeChain (VET)

The VET token underwent a rebranding exercise and it was earlier known as VEN. The VeChain ecosystem is a vast blockchain network that not only supports many other tokens and dApps but also provides governance rights to holders of VET. The VET coin generates another secondary token called VeThor that is used for paying gas fees inside the VeChain ecosystem. The VET token can therefore be used as a source of passive income as the accumulated VeThor tokens can be sold for a profit. 

VeChain is involved in solving issues of the supply chain industry and has strong partnerships with many mainstream firms. 

Parody Coin (PARO)

The PARO token will serve as the primary coin of the Parodyverse. The Parody Coin universe will involve an NFT marketplace where users will be able to mint Parody NFTs. These are parody versions of popular NFTs and original owners can also burn their NFTs and stake claim to Parody NFTs. The Parodyverse is a proposed metaverse that is currently being built by the Parody network. 

The Parody Coin could be considered as a potential investment and could generate gains of 10X and beyond in the future. It could provide the necessary growth for any crypto portfolio because of its multiple use cases.

Parody Coin (PARO) has a fixed supply at 300 million tokens. It is being launched through the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain network but will ensure cross-chain support in the future. 

All users of Parody Coin (PARO) will receive a passive income generated through the reward mechanism. The transaction tax is divided equally between all holders of PARO. 

The PARO token can also be staked to secure the network and this will help the holders in generating more rewards. Holding the PARO token is a great incentive and is perhaps the reason why many investors are so interested in this token. 

The Parody token is being sold through a presale and you can buy it here

The three tokens explained above have great investment potential. While the Near Protocol and Vechain are layer 1 blockchain networks, Parody Coin is a new launch that will; cater towards the NFT and metaverse crowd. The three could provide a unique balance to any crypto portfolio. 

The PARO token provides interoperability, a rising demand among many developers. It will also provide unique NFTs in the form of parodies which are likely to appeal to most NFT enthusiasts. Coupled with a passive income reward mechanism, the PARO token should register a lot of growth after listing on PancakeSwap. 

Follow the links below to find out and register for the presale. As a cryptocurrency investor, do not miss out on this opportunity as the PARO token could spike quickly after listing. 

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