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Can Mushe (XMU) provide the returns of Dogecoin and Avalanche?

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Dogecoin (DOGE) and Avalanche (AVAX) have seen rising volumes in the past few days and both cryptocurrencies could be poised for a price spike soon. The Mushe Token, on the other hand, is a new cryptocurrency focusing on processing payments and bringing the DeFi sector closer to retail customers. The XMU Token is currently being offered through a presale at desirable and low prices.

You can quickly accumulate huge volumes of this upcoming coin, and given its diverse utility, it could even provide more significant returns than DOGE or AVAX, in the short term. Let’s find out more about the utility of these three tokens and how you can buy the Mushe Token


Dogecoin Gateway for WordPress payments

A Dogecoin developer has provided an easy method through a payment gateway that will allow WordPress based sites to accept DOGE payments without any third-party payment processor. All that is required is a Dogecoin wallet address. It is wholly open-sourced and will allow 455 million WordPress sites to accept DOGE as payment.

In a simple process utilising WooCommerce, the plugin is known as the ‘Easy Dogecoin Gateway’ and will increase the adoption of the DOGE cryptocurrency across the world. Many businesses use WordPress websites and will now be able to integrate cryptocurrency payments on their site directly and easily

Guarda Wallet adds support for Avalanche.

The Guarda wallet has recently added support for the Avalanche token. Users will now be able to store AVAX directly on the Guarda wallet and will also be able to exchange or trade at the most favourable rates. Guarda allows the trading of many tokens directly with the click of a button. Users will also be able to send or receive tokens from anywhere.

Users will also be able to purchase the AVAX Token with their credit cards on Guarda too. The AVAX Token is being adopted widely, and a major wallets integration helps bring the coin closer to retail and enterprise players. The AVAX Token was trading at $51.90 at the time of writing. 

Mushe Token seeks to solve payment integration issues

The Mushe Token is a completely open-sourced and decentralised cryptocurrency that will help in P2P interactions, provide attractive rewards, and be used in a metaverse and as an NFT solution. The XMU cryptocurrency aims to facilitate easy accessibility of virtual currencies for even retail customers. 

The XMU cryptocurrency will be initially launched on Ethereum and the Stellar network. Other chains such as Solana will also be supported in the future. The Mushe Token will migrate to the most influential blockchain solution as it is developed as a payment currency.

The Mushe wallet will provide an easy option for users to purchase the currency directly through a debit or credit card at the click of a button. In addition, a trading function will be enabled on the Mushe wallet that will allow such operations easily for the users. The Mushe wallet will be available both as an application for mobile devices and for desktops.

The Mushe chat will function as a social media channel and will allow users to send encrypted messages without the involvement of any third party. It will be available to the larger public as an alternative chat platform and will not charge or place intrusive ads for monetisation. 

5% of the total assets have been reserved for rewarding XMU holders through staking. Users will also be able to make use of various DeFi functions and will earn attractive rewards for the same.

The metaverse being developed by the Mushe ecosystem will allow users to own property and land in a virtual space. NFT functionality will also be allowed inside the same ecosystem. Play to earn games are also being developed and users will be able to communicate with each other through the message chat directly with the ultimate aim of the token is to function as a one-stop solution for customers’ needs right from banking to trading at the click of a button easily and quickly

Learn more about the Mushe Token here:






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