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Cake DeFi goes into eSports with serious gaming stage FACEIT

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FACEIT, the world’s driving stage for cutthroat internet gaming, has today reported an extravagant organization with Cake DeFi, one of the world’s quickest developing crypto fintech stages, which permits clients to make money stream from their crypto. Worked with by Pivot Agency, the joint effort will give Cake DeFi valid brand openness to all FACEIT clients all around the world through a progression of customized and multi-layered gaming encounters which will offer the local area an opportunity to win crypto. This year Cake DeFi will offer players the greater part of 1,000,000 bucks in prizes, paid in crypto.

The research proposes that 55% of the Millennials gamers own crypto when contrasted with only 5% of all Millennials, outlining the normal association between the gaming and crypto industry.

The organization with FACEIT marks Cake DeFi’s initial move into the gaming and esports space. The arrangement will offer the organization admittance to FACEIT’s 25 million client base, the biggest organization of serious gamers, and will offer players a special chance to procure real crypto prizes while playing. Moreover, through Cake DeFi’s foundation and admittance to decentralized finance applications, they can intensify their rewards and acquire returns on their crypto.

Cake DeFi goes into eSports with serious gaming stage FACEIT = Daily Token News

Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and CBO of FACEIT said: The FACEIT stage is home to the biggest local area of cutthroat gamers, and that implies we have a one-of-a-kind comprehension of this crowd. Our clients are extraordinarily ground breaking and taught with regards to crypto, so the association we picked needed to carry unmistakable and significant worth to be of interest. The coordinated effort with Cake DeFi is significantly more than a brand mix and offers our local area clear experiential and monetary advantages that go past what any associations of this kind have conveyed previously.

FACEIT clients are center gamers who spend a normal of 2.5hrs a day on the stage. A new overview of FACEIT clients observed that many were at that point intrigued by, and putting resources into crypto, showing a characteristic collaboration between the two brands and enterprises:

  • They are inventive scholars with 66% concurring that digital currencies are the eventual fate of online exchanges
  • 80% have known about Crypto
  • 36% put resources into Crypto
  • 46% Likely or Likely to utilize Crypto in the next a year – 4x almost certain than everybody to involve Cryptocurrency for online buys

The organization will integrate Cake DeFi Missions, including in-game undertakings and month-to-month provokes for players to finish to win crypto prizes. It will likewise incorporate Cake DeFi Weekly Tournaments which will run consistently and will be available to FACEIT players all over the planet. Players will actually want to acquire much more prominent prizes on the crypto they win when they join to Cake DeFi. All crypto prizes are redeemable through their Cake DeFi account, permitting FACEIT to extend its ongoing play-to-acquire offering.

Talking about the organization, Dr. Julian Hosp, CEO and Co-Founder of Cake DeFi said, “Gamers have a characteristic partiality with crypto and they can now go along with us on the DeFi development. Cake DeFi’s organization with FACEIT will permit players to acquire crypto while they game, and further procure returns on their crypto through our foundation. In 2021, we paid out US$230 million in remunerations to our clients. So it’s a mutual benefit win for FACEIT gamers.”

Cake DeFi is the main crypto fintech stage that gives clients admittance to DeFi (decentralized finance) administrations and applications, for example, liquidity mining, marking , and loaning, which produces standard returns for clients. They presently oversee more than $1 billion in client resources and deal with clients probably the best yield on crypto on the lookout, as a one-stop stage that is not difficult to utilize, secure and straightforward. Last year they paid out $230 million in remunerations to clients and this year they are hoping to expand this to 74% more, or $400 million, in remunerations.


FACEIT is the main cutthroat stage for online multiplayer games, with north of 25 million clients. Through FACEIT, players, coordinators, game designers, and brands can get to a committed stage that enables the advancement of the cutthroat gaming environment through play, sorting out, and social elements.

By covering the entire range of cutthroat gaming from grassroots up to proficient players, the stage is the greatest of its sort and it as of now has a well-established association with the main gaming distributors in the business.

About Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi is a completely straightforward, exceptionally imaginative, and directed fintech stage devoted to giving admittance to decentralized monetary administrations and applications by empowering clients to create gets back from their crypto and advanced resources. It is worked and enrolled in Singapore and is completely consistent with all administrative necessities of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

By empowering and engaging its clients to outfit the capability of decentralized finance, Cake DeFi expects to instruct and illuminate individuals all over the planet on crypto and DeFi in a basic, straightforward, and bother-free way.

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