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Binance Delist News, Will The FTT be Delisted?

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Binance delist news, will the FTT be delisted? The expected trend of FTX and FTT, which did not fall on the plan for the last few days, is from Binance.

Binance Excludes FTT Margin Trading Pairs
Binance will remove the following trading pairs from 2:30 pm today Turkey time and stop trading:

Two pairs: FTT/BUSD and FTT/USDT

Two separate parts: FTT/BUSD, FTT/BTC and FTT/USDT

Binance Simple Earn will remove FTT from the list of exchangeable products on its next day at 07:30 Turkish Time. Binance Liquid Swap will remove FTT/USDT, FTT/BUSD, FTT/BTC, and FTT/BNB pairs from the list tomorrow at 07:30 Turkish time. The deposits of users in the above FTT pool will be converted into cash tomorrow at 07:30 Turkish time. Binance Auto-Invest will delist FTT tomorrow at 07:30 Turkish time. Users with FTT and one token plan will have their plan suspended and will not be able to change the plan. In wallet plans with FTT, the FTT will be cleared and the plan will continue. Binance delist.

The company will close the positions of the users today, automatically work and cancel all pending orders in FTT Cross/Isolate Margin pairs. It will remove the cross/isolated cryptocurrency pairs from the list.

Binance advises users to close their positions before they stop trading shares to avoid possible losses. Binance CEO gave a statement today on Twitter about the illegal October FTT tokens issued by FTX and said that he is following the procedure.

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