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Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now To Explode Your Portfolio 10x – Apecoin (APE), Compound (COMP), and Metamortals (MORT)

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Apecoin (APE), Compound (COMP), and Metamortals (MORT):

The cryptocurrency market is different from other financial markets because of its high volatility and potential for success. This means that one good purchase will cause your portfolio to increase in value. But the real problem is identifying the right digital asset to buy. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the coin market. Each of them offers different real-life applications and is capable of varying price moves. You may even come across digital assets that offer similar applications. 

When going through the different alternatives in the coin market, it’s easy to get confused. But this confusion will only threaten to derail you from making a sound investment decision. If you’re interested in projects that will explode your capital 10x, you should search for hidden gems yet to hit their full potential. You may also opt for crypto tokens that stand out in their category. Apecoin (APE), Compound (COMP), and Metamortals (MORT) are cryptocurrencies that fall into this category. This piece will teach you what makes them special. 

Apecoin (APE)

If you’ve heard about the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, then you already know about Apecoin. The early months of 2022 were filled with numerous conversations about this crypto token. Apecoin was adopted as the native token for this collection of NFT tokens. Since the launch of Apecoin, the BAYC has risen to newer heights and is taking over the NFT world. 

APE was designed by Yuga Labs to be hosted on the Ethereum network. As an ERC-20 token, it’s compatible with other Ethereum-based elements. It serves as the utility token for the Apecoin ecosystem and is used in the minting and trading of BAYC NFTs. Furthermore, it serves as part of a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) and is used in voting on key governance and improvement decisions. Users will use their tokens to vote on the creation of new rules, allocation of funds, partnerships, etc. 

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now To Explode Your Portfolio 10x - Apecoin (APE), Compound (COMP), and Metamortals (MORT) = Daily Token News

Compound (COMP)

Compound is one of the cryptocurrency projects that exists equally as a crypto token and network protocol. It’s unlike most projects that are found in the crypto space. Why? Instead of focusing on creating an exceptional ecosystem, it aims to connect different blockchain networks with each other. Compound is a project that’s founded on the Ethereum blockchain to support interoperability in the crypto market. 

Compound relies on multiple digital assets to create a system where users can borrow and lend digital assets without financial intermediaries. It’s designed to offer users up to 17 different digital assets. Users will be allowed to deposit digital assets into the compound network, and they will earn interest on it. Also, they can borrow from the network. The amount of interest paid on lending and borrowing depends on the amount involved. COMP is the native token of this network. 

Metamortals (MORT)

Metamortals has only recently been added to the crypto space, but this project is set to make a big splash and leave a lasting impression. Unlike any other project before it, Metamortals aims to combine the benefits of play-to-earn gaming with effectively decentralized finance. 

Yes, players will be able to enjoy immersive, suspenseful gameplay. However, they will take things a step further by eliminating any barriers to entry into the play-to-earn universe. Every player will have the chance to enjoy a custom journey of fantasy and adventure while accumulating unique in-game items along the way. Unlike other boring blockchain-based games, Metamortals is designed with the ability to switch things up and features several twists and turns in its gameplay. 

Asides from the unending entertainment, crypto users will also be able to engage decentralized finance features from this interface. These features include saving and earning. MORT is the native token on the platform. Players are paid for their participation on Metamortals using the MORT token. 

Metamortals (MORT)





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