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Why Avalanche (AVAX) and BoostX Are Essential To Your Crypto Journey

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If you are looking into joining everybody else and investing in cryptocurrency, you should not miss out on crypto presales. Here is why!

Why Avalanche (AVAX) and BoostX Are Essential To Your Crypto Journey = Daily Token News

Start Your Journey Right

What are presales? Preselling occurs in crypto to allow individuals to invest in a project before it enters the market and starts experiencing price growth.

In this stage of a cryptocurrency’s development, tokens are sold to interested parties at a certain price. Not only does this minimise the risk of investing, but it also helps maximise profits. The key to presales are launchpads and here is what you need to know about them.

Everything You Need To Get Started

Avalanche (AVAX)

Recent to the crypto market, Avalanche launched in 2020 and has become an investor’s favourite due to its many innovative features.

The team behind the project admits that Avalanche was designed to ‘strive to be fast, secure and affordable’ in order to improve user experience.

Essentially, the network is a high-performance, scalable, customisable, and secure blockchain with plenty of benefits for new investors getting started with crypto.

More so, Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform when measured by time-to-finality and has the capability to process an outstanding amount of 4,500 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

The platform has a launchpad, Avalaunch. Exclusive to the Avalanche ecosystem, it is a protocol that supplies promising and revolutionary projects in a fast and secure platform for decentralised fundraising.

Avalanche (AVAX) employs a distribution methodology that guarantees wide participation and assures that the teams behind the projects receive what they need.

As the utility and governing token of Avalanche, AVAX provides a variety of functions within the network (i.e. mint, rewards, transactions, etc.). The Avalanche price today is $29,18 with a live market cap of $7.8 Billion.


If you are looking to start investing in crypto, you should watch out for future presales and BoostX will help you look for the next best project to invest in.

BoostX operates as a multi-chain launchpad with the intention to aid crypto projects in raising capital and building an audience. At the same time, the platform offers the current most revolutionary launchpad technology.

Additionally, the system provides fair access to exclusive crypto presales for those who want to invest; you can obtain a highly-anticipated token entering the market. This is because BoostX was designed for IDOs and can boost projects on a platform where investors are looking to buy. 

This further allows you to purchase tokens for a premium price as BoostX successfully hosts the launches of numerous high-quality blockchain projects. 

Presales are something you should not miss out on in order to sell your token for a higher price once the price value experiences growth. This is where launchpads can help you profit as you can analyse a variety of crypto projects and later decide which one to invest in. Join Avalaunch and BoostX today and start earning.

Join BoostX Now:

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