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AİRDAO (AMB) Coin Overview and Weekly Technical Review

This article centers around a thorough assessment of AMB coin's technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency ; determining significant factors affecting its market value

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This article centers around a thorough assessment of AMB coin’s technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency ; determining significant factors affecting its market value ; reviewing which are reliable exchanges for trading it  ; identifying traded currency pairs ; exploring assorted key metrics that demonstrate critical aspects of performance such as highest low price values attained among other essential economic indicators. We will also provide regular weekly graphical or technical analyses aimed at assisting potential investors evaluate feasible investment risks areas while identifying prospective profits.


What is AİRDAO (AMB) Coin?

AirDAO (AMB) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum blockchain . AirDAO aims to revolutionize the airline industry by leveraging decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology . The project seeks to create a decentralized platform where users can book flights, earn rewards , and access various travel-related services using AMB tokens . By eliminating intermediaries and enhancing transparency , AirDAO aims to empower both travelers and service providers in the aviation ecosystem .


If you want to know more about the AİRDAO (AMB) coin , you can visit its website .





AirDAO (AMB) has several projects that aim to transform the airline industry. Some of these projects include :


1.Flight booking platform : AirDAO plans to create a decentralized flight booking platform where users can book flights using AMB tokens . By eliminating intermediaries , this project aims to reduce costs and enhance transparency for travelers .


  1. Rewards program : AirDAO intends to develop a rewards program that incentivizes users to book flights and engage with the platform . Users will be able to earn AMB tokens through various activities such as referrals, loyalty programs, and participating in community initiatives .


  1. Travel insurance : AirDAO is exploring the possibility of integrating travel insurance into its platform . This would provide travelers with an additional layer of protection when booking flights , further enhancing their experience .


  1. Partnerships with airlines : AirDAO aims to establish partnerships with airlines around the world, enabling seamless integration of their services into the decentralized platform .


These are just some examples of the projects that AirDAO is working on to revolutionize air travel using blockchain technology and decentralized finance principles .


Factors affecting price: 

AİRDAO (AMB) Coin Overview and Weekly Technical Review


The price of AirDAO (AMB) coin, like any other cryptocurrency, can be influenced by various factors. Here are some key factors that may impact the price of AMB :


1.Market Sentiment : The overall sentiment and perception of the cryptocurrency market can greatly affect the price of AMB . Positive news, developments , or partnerships related to AirDAO can boost investor confidence and drive up demand for the coin .


  1. Adoption and Usage : The adoption and usage of AirDAO’ s platform by travelers and service providers play a crucial role in determining its value . Increased utilization of the platform can generate more demand for AMB tokens, potentially driving up its price .


  1. Regulatory Environment : Regulatory actions or announcements related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology , or decentralized finance (DeFi) could impact the price of AMB. Changes in regulations might create uncertainty or restrictions that may influence investor behavior .


  1. Competition : Competition within both the cryptocurrency space and airline industry could also affect the value of AMB tokens. If alternative platforms with similar offerings gain traction or if traditional airlines adopt their own blockchain solutions, it could impact AirDAO’s market position and consequently its token’s value .


  1. Overall Market Conditions : Cryptocurrency markets are known for being highly volatile due to various external factors such as economic conditions, global events , government policies , etc., which can have an indirect impact on all cryptocurrencies including AMB .


It is important to note that these factors are not exhaustive and that cryptocurrency prices are subject to a wide range of influences making them inherently unpredictable .


Where can I buy AİRDAO Coin (AMB)?



Exchange                                  Pair                     Volume











AİRDAO Coin (AMB) Baseline Assessment :


The market cap of the AİRDAO (AMB) coin is $ 10.582.867 and its circulating supply is 1.557.895.006  units. Its maximum Supply is 6,500,000,000 units, with a fully diluted valuation of $ 43.195.564.


What is the high price point for AİRDAOCoin (AMB)?


AİRDAO Coin (AMB) highest price is $1.85 recorded on Jan 06, 2018. The current price is -99.63% lower than the all-time high .


What is the low point of the price for AİRDAO Coin (AMB)?


AİRDAO (AMB) token’s lowest price was $0.004223 on Jun 18, 2022.


AİRDAO Coin(AMB) Technical Outlook:

 AirDAO (AMB) coin, which was $0.00813 on 09 Nov 2022, rose to $0.03536 on 02 Mar 2023. From here, it regressed to $0.00446 until 10 jun 2023. Continuing the downtrend (AMB), the coin continues to move within the channel. As it stays below the $0.00698 support level, it will seek a pullback to the channel lower band of $0.00530. The lack of volume in recent weeks also strengthens the possibility of a decline. In possible rises, our horizontal trend lines will appear as resistance levels.

Our sequential resistance levels: $0.00918 – $0.01233 – $0.01648 -$0.03536


Investment information comments, and recommendations contained herein are not within the scope of investment consultancy . The content, comments, and recommendations herein are not guiding but general . These recommendations may not suit your financial situation and risk and return preferences .  Therefore making an investment decision based solely on the information herein may not yield results that meet your expectations .


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